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Wyre Data - UK Restaurant API

An API to search for all restaurants, pubs, bars, hotels, cafes, coffee shops and nightclubs in the UK. Find establishment names, addresses, postcodes, food hygiene ratings, local authorities, latitudes, longitudes and plenty more!

Local Authority Search Widget

Search for restaurants by Local Authority

Search for all restaurants within a local authority (widget demo restricted to x 100 results but the API will return all results). Search for restaurants by local authority e.g. 'Exeter City'. The below example results contain only a subset of available data e.g. Business Name, Address, Postcode, Food Hygiene Rating and Local Authority. Much more information (more data fields) is returned if you use the actual API endpoint e.g. Lat/lng, Business Type, Score dates etc. We built this front end so you can see a sample API in action. This local authority search widget is powered by the Wyre Data 'Find all restaurants within a local authority' API.

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